Tips to help adjust to the seasonal changes

As the season’s change, it is common for us to feel those changes in ourselves, too. We may find we are a little bit more sluggish or struggling to stay focused. Many experts agree that being able to adjust to the calendar’s turn with ease can help us navigate to new time and weather patterns without too much hassle. Here are some tips that can help manage the transition.

1. Keep the schedule as consistent as possible.

You do not want to have any major life changes (like moving or changing jobs) if you can avoid it. This allows for your body to stay in-routine as you make incremental changes.

2. Eat in-season and stay hydrated.

Some say that by choosing foods that are in-season, it aligns you with the change in environment. Naturally, it is always a good idea to stay hydrated!

3. Update your supplements.

Seasonal changes can leave us feeling a bit out-of-sorts and exposed to the elements. By being sure that the supplements we enjoy are current (not expired), and are supportive to our needs, we can give our body quality tools.

4. Keep moving!

Take time to move and get the circulation going. Exercise and being exposed to natural light can both be beneficial to mood and to our body’s needs

5. Be gentle with yourself.

Most importantly, know that you must be gentle on yourself. By taking breaks and allowing yourself the space to be able to adjust to a new season or schedule, you are doing things that can help you manage without too much stress. By being mindful of what our bodies and minds need at this time, we can help ourselves easily transition into a new season, making it one we can genuinely enjoy.

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Jazmin Bedoy September 21, 2021

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