Spring into wellness! - Helpful tips to start the season

Winter always feels a little too long but the sun is finally starting to shine.
Time for a fresh start! Spring into Wellness with Kurativ CBD and these helpful tips to get the most out of the season.
Sleep Management:

The clocks have changed and so have our schedules. Time to take back some control. Our bodies are all different and some of us may require more sleep per night while some of us can rely on less but for the average person a full 8 hours of sleep is recommended and is extremely beneficial for numerous reasons.

On average, Americans get an average of 30 minutes less sleep than we did just ten years ago, which means we need to see if we can get some of that time back for ourselves. Part of this issue has been contributed to our online lifestyles and using technology up until the point we sleep. Our brains interpret things like light and activity from these screens as day time activities and we struggle to fall asleep.

Most computers and phones now have a blue light/night time setting that lowers the amount of blue light the device puts out. Blue light from our displays stimulates the brain. So, when you use your computer or cellphone at night in the hours leading up to bed time, you’re essentially holding off sleep. As a result, you take longer to go to sleep, and your sleep is relatively poorer in quality as well. By using the blue light/night time settings on your devices in the evening, filtering out this blue light, you will be telling your brain that it's soon time to go to sleep.

It's not easy to stay locked indoors during the winter with little to do but eat. Now that the sun is out and the windows are open let's also open up our pantry doors and see if we can't cut some calories and sugar while we're at it. A healthy diet promotes wellness and improved brain functionality, so watching what we eat is vital to promoting wellness.

One helpful tip would be to cut down on the amount of processed sugars and fats. Skip a large latte and you can be saving yourself up to 1500 calories (almost an entire days worth!).

It's no surprise that exercise is important to our mental and physical health but not all of us are able to go and run a 3 mile course. Where to begin? Start small!
Parking further away, taking the stairs or even doing light yoga daily are just a few ways we can get healthier.

Sleep, diet and exercise.

It's not a secret but it's always easier said than done.

The most important part of any wellness routine is exactly that, making it a routine. According to a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes an average of 66 days (approximately eight to nine weeks) for someone to effectively form a habit of any kind.

Start small and work from there!
Good habits = Great results!
Kurativ CBD is here to provide a natural product that works seamlessly into your wellness routine, whether you're new to it or have been doing it for ages, you can always count on Kurativ to deliver a premium product. From our topical ointments, Delta 8, CBD oils and gummies, wellness starts here.

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