Simple Ways to Add Kurativ CBD Oil into Your Wellness Routine.

While CBD oils are the most popular way that the hemp-grown cannabinoid is purchased, not everyone has the desire to always consume theirs in the traditional, sublingual method. If you are someone who is looking for some other ways to add CBD oil into your wellness routine, consider adding the oil to foods and beverages that match in consistency and chemistry.


Remember that the cannabinoid is in the oil base because it works best with that carrier. Foods that are fatty or where an oil can easily blend are, naturally, going to be a top choice.




Smoothies are an easy and well-enjoyed way that many people choose to supplement their nutrition or wellness routine. A good smoothie can be made with any number of ingredients and with any kind of reason imaginable. Some will blend their fitness powders into them for a post-workout recovery. Others may choose to start their day with a smoothie, preferring to port their concoctions on the way to a busy day.


When it comes to making smoothies, many choose to use simple ingredients. An easy option is utilizing bags of frozen produce. There are countless ways to purchase frozen fruits and veggies. You can get single items or choose a power fruit blend with a rich berry mix.

Once you have your fruit, you can add any number of choices with milks, yogurt and choices of supplements and powders.

Just add your choice of amount that you normally would enjoy to the smoothie and blend! 

On the go? Bottled smoothies can easily have your choice amount added to it and then shaken to blend.




What better way to easily infuse your CBD into your healthy lunch than by adding it to a simple salad dressing choice? Just blend and use like you would normally.


If you’re looking to make your own salad dressing at home, a basic vinaigrette only requires:


3 Tablespoons of Oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

2 Tablespoons of Vinegar (White or Wine type of vinegar)

Seasons of choice


You can easily add your chosen amount to your olive oil base before blending the rest together for your next healthy meal.




Honey is one of the best things to blend with your CBD oil amount. It becomes an easy sweetener for your coffee or tea and the honey helps the CBD oil disperse in the liquid easier. In the fall, consider doing this before adding to your hot cider or cocoa.


By trying different ways to blend your Kurativ into your routine, you’re keeping your wellness at your fingertips. Let us know of your favorite ways to add oil into recipes or treats!

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