Frequently Asked Questions about Topical CBD Products

In the world of CBD product options, topicals are extremely popular. Creams and balms that have been infused with the plant compounds are an easy choice for several reasons. From the convenience and ease of enjoyment to the variety of options to sprinkle into a wellness routine, many have chosen to add them to their daily life choices.

Because of this growth in popularity, there are many questions that pop up about topical CBD product options. Here are some that we’ve heard most often.

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What are CBD Topicals?

CBD topicals are those that are used externally. This most often means a balm or cream form but there are also body oils, bath bombs, skin care and other external CBD-infused options on the market today. At Kurativ, we offer creams, balms, and loved bath bombs infused with chamomile and lavender.

How are CBD Topicals made?

The CBD products you see today (like what Kurativ makes) begin as the hemp crop. High CBD Cannabis (hemp) is grown by farmers throughout the United States. Once harvested, the cannabinoid compounds (like CBD) are extracted, and it is those extracts that are added to various product formulations and delivery systems throughout America. With topicals, these cannabinoid compounds are added to the formulations in the manufacturing process, just as other ingredients like essential oils and other plant compounds are added.

Will CBD Topicals get me “high” or make me test positive on a drug test?

CBD is one of hundreds of non-psychoactive compounds in the plant that are used. In topicals, you can feel good knowing that these compounds stay in the area in which they have been applied. Whether a sore muscle or joint, that cream will stay in the area just as other over-the-counter topical relief options like Biofreeze or Icy Hot may offer. The difference is that ours use CBD.

Dr. Amanda Reiman, who teaches Drug Policy at the University of California-Berkeley, recently answered this question stating: “The THC level in topical products tends to be far lower than that in smokable or edible products. Add that to the fact that applying a topical to the skin only allows it to break the skin/muscular barrier, but not enter into the bloodstream. I have not seen any reported cases of positive drug tests from topical applications and the research supports this.”

Dr. Reiman is quick to remind everyone, however, to be aware because topicals are different from something that is considered transdermal. Usually in patches, these are like those smoking-cessation patches on the market. This would allow the release into the blood stream whereas creams and balms do not. Also be aware that dispensaries and shops in legal states can offer transdermal patches that are based in High THC cannabis (marijuana) and that is a completely different type of product and result experience.

Can the CBD topicals be in different spectrums?

Absolutely! Just like any CBD product on the market, there can be an array of spectrum choices. At Kurativ Premium CBD, we do offer Full Spectrum (the plant’s whole profile), CBD isolate (just the CBD compound from the plant) and CBD:CBG blends (which ensures additional CBG) to give an array of spectrum blends to choose from.

What are some benefits of topical CBD creams? A lot of people choose them for the convenience and efficiency of application. Some may have sore feet or a muscle that they want to hit directly, and a cream or balm can do just that. Rich balms can be great for skin that has suffered extra cracks and dryness – a common problem in cooler months.

In a study between multiple universities and their departments in anesthesiology and chemistry, it was found that Hemp CBD cream “provided significant symptom and pain relief for the patients described in this case series” (1).

Another study out of Lexington stated that their data indicated “topical CBD application has therapeutic potential for relief of arthritis pain-related behaviors and inflammation without evident side-effects” (2).

Beyond relief, those who may suffer with skin-related issues may find benefits, as well. In a study out of Italy, it was found that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can be a positive avenue to pursue for those who deal with skin issues and cutaneous scarring. In their findings, those at the Department of General Surgery and Surgical Specialties, University of Modena, shared, “Based on skin evaluations (hydration, TEWL, elasticity), clinical questionnaires (SCORAD, ADI, PASI), and supported by photographic data and investigators' clinical assessment, the results showed that topical treatment with CBD-enriched ointment significantly improved the skin parameters, the symptoms and also the PASI index score. No irritant or allergic reactions were documented during the period treatment.”

The doctors went on to conclude that their study using CBD isolated products found the compound “is a safe and effective non-invasive alternative for improving the quality of life in patients with some skin disorders, especially on inflammatory background” (3).

The properties of Cannabidiol (CBD) have been found to be positive in a multitude of issues. Choosing the spectrum and delivery method / type of product is up to you and what you feel is best.

What is the difference between a CBD cream and a CBD balm?

Creams are usually a whipped, malleable consistency. Balms are thick, often seeming solid on first touch. Where a cream can be applied easily to large areas or massaged on the quick, a balm will warm with the body’s heat and then have more “slip” for distribution.

At Kurativ, our balms have a rich coconut base with other ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E. Our creams have Vitamin E as well as oils like olive, calendula, and eucalyptus.

For those who are dealing with cracked, inflamed skin such as parched or extra dry, they tend to choose a balm whereas creams can be ideal for stiff joints or achy hands. Try them both and see which you prefer.

What is a “cooling” cream?

Cooling creams are those where we have added natural ingredients like menthol to be able to add that cooling effect. Most people know of this feeling from other over-the-counter brands like Icy Hot or Biofreeze. If the scent or note of a cooling product is not desired then there are unscented choices available, too.

With an array of options to choose from, there is surely a perfect match for you and your needs. If your question wasn’t answered, drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help!


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