A Variety of Ways to Enjoy your CBD.

There are any number of methods for enjoying hemp CBD products. With the many options out there on the market, it can be hard to decide which way of enjoying CBD is best for you, your lifestyle and need. A lot of that is answered as you delve more into your new wellness routine and when you try many of the products for yourself.

Remember: the plant-made compounds (like CBD) are extracted from the crop after harvest and those plant extracts are what become the main star of tinctures, lotions, and candies throughout the USA. Whichever ones you like will depend largely on the time and range of each product’s delivery method.

Tinctures are typically enjoyed sublingually (under the tongue) which allows for the compound to be absorbed through the mucous membranes and into the system. This type of delivery tends to be quicker and effects can be enjoyed in as swiftly as a few minutes. If the tincture is added to a beverage (like a smoothie) the product must go through digestion and that can change the length of time it takes to enjoy the initial results and how long those results can last, overall.

Treats like CBD gummies are a digested item so they, too, can have a longer wait time (typically up to an hour) before feeling the effects. This time can be influenced by whether one has a full stomach, thus affecting the body’s work required before your gummy gets filtered through. It is always good practice to wait at least an hour before eating more treats.

Topical creams and balms work directly in the area that the product has targeted, so an overall bodily effect will not be experienced.

When it comes to product choice, there is also a matter of personal preference. While topicals are a favorite for those who are looking for a spot of relief like achy feet or joints, others are looking for a more overall wellness addition. For that, oils, edibles, and capsules are the preferred methods to try.


Oils are simple in ingredients and are the most popular product sold on the market, today. The ease with which consumers can choose to enjoy their oil sublingually or as an addition to their morning smoothie keeps tinctures at the top of the list. Gummies have the benefits of the longer-lasting ingestible results wrapped in a sweet treat. These are also a good idea for portability and ease of dosing consistency.

No matter which way you choose to enjoy your CBD, you can count on Kurativ having many options to choose from. All our premium CBD and CBG products are third-party tested for quality and consistency.

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