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Kurativ Delta-8 Oil Unflavored 250mg, 1500mg

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Pure Delta 8.  Pure Bliss.

Packed with Premium Delta 8 Extract, this oil aims to please. We’ve worked tirelessly to bring a Delta 8 Oil to market that is safe, effective, and clean.  No Pesticides, heavy metals, flavoring or chemicals – Just pure cannabinoids the way Nature intended.  You will love this oil!

Combined with 100% Organic MCT Oil for maximum absorption. 

Unflavored, with no unpleasant tastes.

*NOTE* Delta 8 is a Federally legal hemp derivative pursuant to the 2018 USDA Farm Bill.  BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR STATE/LOCAL LAWS before ordering this product.  Kurativ, LLC will not be responsible for any legal consequences including product confiscation, postal seizures, legal fines or even arrest.

*ATTENTION* Do not attempt to drive or operate machinery after using this product.  May cause drowsiness or intoxication.

    Organic MCT Oil, Pure Delta 8 Hemp Extract

    Sublingual method: Fill dropper to desired level, and dispense oil underneath the tongue. Do not swallow for at least 60 seconds.

    • Ratio: 100% Delta 8 Extract in MCT Oil
    • Cannabinoid Profile: Hemp Derived Delta 8
    • Major Cannabinoids: Delta 8
    • THC Content (Delta 9): 0.3% or less

    Cannabinoid content by bottle:

    • 250mg: 50mg per ml;  250mg per bottle (5ml)
    • 1500mg: 50mg per ml ; 1500mg per bottle (30ml)

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