Kurativ Premium CBD

Bundle Deal #3 - 1x 3300mg CBD/CBG THC-Free Oil, 1x 3300mg CBD/CBG THC-Free Cream


$189 $209.98

Save when you bundle! Our CBG Bundle #3 includes: 1x bottle of 3300mg CBD/CBG THC-Free oil and 1x jar of 3300mg CBD/CBG THC-Free Unscented cream.

Kurativ THC-Free CBD/CBG Oil: Prefer no THC? We’ve got you covered.  Enjoy the benefits of cbd and cbg with Kurativ’s 0% THC Premium blend.

We start with high-grade 100% Organic MCT oil, blended with our top-quality THC-Free CBD extract. Then we add pure, isolated CBG to deliver a precise, highly concentrated dose.

This formula helps create overall balance and regulates the body. Taken together, CBG and CBG compliment each other and the effects are amplified. This Kurativ oil contains 1mg of CBG for every 10mg of CBD. 

Unflavored, with no unpleasant tastes. 


Kurativ THC-Free CBD/CBG Unscented Relief Cream: Experience relief like never before with Kurativ’s CBD/CBG cream.  We start by extracting oil from calendula flower, then combine with THC-Free CBD/CBG extracts and a perfect balance of premium essential oils and other nourishing ingredients.  Kurativ’s soothing cream absorbs quickly into your skin.

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