Kurativ Premium CBD

Full Spectrum CBG Balm 825mg

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Product Info

Kurativ's nourishing Full Spectrum CBG Balm soothes, relieves, and hydrates your skin. We start with all natural, simple ingredients and then infuse with full spectrum cbd and cbg extracts. This highly concentrated balm is available in 1oz. and 4oz. jars.


Coconut Paste, Bees Wax, Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, CBD Isolate, CBG Isolate

Suggested Use

Gently rub into skin until dissolved. Do not ingest. Keep away from children and pets. Store in a cool, dark area.

Product Specs

  • Cannabinoid Profile: Full Spectrum


  • Major Cannabinoids: CBD


  • Minor Cannabinoids: CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDVA (amounts vary by batch)


  • THC Content: 0.3% or less


  • Cannabinoid content per container: 825mg (1oz. jar)


  • Available formulas: Unscented all-natural

Lab Certificate

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